It's your why not design it around your unique strengths?

I see Founding CEOs just like you struggling as they transition from Startup Founder to Scaleup CEO. You are stressed, tired and overwhelmed as you build your team and take your company to the next level.

But you can't afford to fail! This is your dream, your livelihood and your passion. Investors, family and teammates are depending on you!

What if there was a different way?

What if there was a different way to build your team, handle your day-to-day and scale your company? What if you intentionally designed an environment where you, as the leader, visionary, strategist and FOUNDER could truly thrive?

What if the triggers for your stress as an entrepreneur are actually as unique to you as your eye color, fingerprint, or DNA? What if you could uncover the originating source of your stress and build your team and company in a way that avoids stress like having the map to a minefield? 

My name is Todd Uterstaedt and I am so passionate about how Founders just like you can leverage self-awareness to build a better business, find true success as a CEO, and enjoy the growth journey!

What to Expect on Your Journey

This experience was built with the Founding CEO in mind. As a Founder, you’ve historically played the role of Chief Problem Solver. 

But as you grow and scale your team, you’ll find yourself becoming the Chief of Strategy and Vision. 

Surrounding yourself with the right people to make that transition can only be done if you know yourself well enough to know exactly what you need.

Live Weekly Group Coaching

I will personally walk you through the tools you need to understand your unique wiring and how to identify & disarm stress triggers.

Community Development

Build lasting relationships with like-minded, growth-oriented Founding CEOs from all different countries, industries and backgrounds.

Dedicated Office Hours

With weekly office hours, get real-time feedback from me, Todd, as you implement what you learn.

Individual Assessment

Access to a unique tool to better understand your natural interpretation of the world and how that may affect your stress, your team and your ability to lead.

Coaching Vault

I know your schedule can be crazy. Don’t ever fear missing a live session - each coaching call is recorded and distributed for future access. 

Your Unique Leadership Style

Discover how your unique positive leadership style can help you craft your entrepreneurial role, transforming you into the Founding CEO your company needs to excel.

My Commitment

At the end of this 30-Day Experience, you will walk away with a customized, personal action plan that you can immediately implement to reduce stress, uncover what you need from your team, and find your founder flow.

Plus, you will have developed a close community of fellow Founding CEOs to rely on for support and accountability.

BOOM! Your business and happiness will explode! In the best way possible...

What You'll Learn in Just 30 Days

Your Stress Behavior

By becoming more self-aware of your stress behavior, your will recognize and understand why that behavior is unproductive and reactive, the impact it has on your team and your business, and what is possible if you strip it away.

Your Stress Triggers

By recognizing the people, situation and environmental elements that uniquely trigger stress for you, we will unlock your ability to design your role as Founding CEO around your needs, unleashing your leadership superpowers!

Your Best Leadership Style

Uncover & enable your unique CEO leadership genius by spending most of your time in your best leadership style, focusing on how to actively focus on what you do best as a Founding CEO and how to think about your team’s needs in a proactive way.

Your Founder Interests

By understanding the influence your interests have on your leadership, we can unlock energy and avoid burnout. Identifying those interests and building a world where your team has complimentary but different interests will allow you to achieve ultimate success as a Founding CEO.

What Other Founding CEOs Are Saying

“Todd is the perfect person for this because I think he is innately curious and cares about the people that he’s around. It’s very clear that he has been doing this for a long time and that he wants people to succeed. He’s a big believer in accountability, transparency, clarity and ability to deliver news that you may not want to hear, but it’s what you have to hear. His EQ skills are off the chart.”  

Matt Fisher | Curiosity Advertising | Founder & CEO 

"I really can’t say enough about Todd. He’s really helped me through a couple of rough spots and just his willingness to make some time in his calendar, even when he’s busy to help walk me through an issue and provide me some guidance and resources." 

Erin Green | Verify Services | Founder & CEO

"One thing that’s really helpful about Todd is he’ll tell you where you’re at now, but he’ll also tell you what’s going to happen next...that helps you get really good perspective that we’re not just here to learn one thing, but it’s a journey."

Alan Pinstein | Tourbuzz | Founder & CEO